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īndruc is a marketplace dedicated to business tools, methods, templates and insights that will help you be great at what you do.

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Expect tools and resources that are practical and easy to use, as well as methods and processes that can be implemented immediately.

Our mission statement

We strive to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. In return, you will create more free time to do things you love, like spending time with your family or doing your favorite activities.

We promise

No need to learn new applications

The majority of our tools comes in handy PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF formats – and therefore applications you already know on virtually any device.

Work on anything together

Use a projector or screen sharing software to collaborate on anything, anywhere together. There are no boundaries, even for remote teams.

Free access, no subscription lock-in

Our service is free to access, no subscription lock-in periods and premium. All purchases are yours, forever. Download them and be in control of your data.

Over 5 million professionals use the tools effectively

We partner with entrepreneurs, visionaries and business leaders to develop and design tools that make a change.